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Music with a mission of hope, healing and encouragement to families!

"Turning the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents"
Malachi 4:6

Music has been part of my life since I was a little boy, when Mom would have my two sisters and me sing at church, family get-togethers, holiday parties and so on. Mom is very gifted with play'in that piano, and our job was to sing (and just look cute I guess).

Then in my 20's and 30's, with a deep passion for music, I began writing songs, traveling around and singing quite a bit. At this same time, with a young family and juggling it all, life took many twists and turns.

After going through a divorce and a low place in my life, I was blessed to meet Dawn, who became my wife, best friend and encourager. I hadn't written anything for quite awhile, but I was inspired to write "It is Dawn" for our wedding in 2001. The song, which is about second chances, says, "It is dawn, a new beginning ... a bright new day ... a new tomorrow". This sparked the songwriting again, and late in 2006, I recorded "Remember the Love", which was my first studio album.

Then in 2007, Inspired by the support and prayers of friends and family, we established Remember the Love of the Family, as a non profit 501(c)(3) mission outreach. The name comes from a conversation I had with my Grandpa Earl on his deathbed 20 years earlier. The last thing he said to me was "Remember the love of the family."

I'm not sure why (often that's the beauty of God's timing, plans and purposes), but it took those 20 plus years to realize the significance of what grandpa Earl said to me; it was a commissioning of sorts, to share that message through music and real life stories, with the hope and purpose of rekindling and restoring the love of the family as God intended it to be.

In 2008, my wife Dawn and I took a leap of faith and began this work full time. Also, I recorded my second studio album "Doin' Life Together".

Now in 2014, after six amazing years, the opportunities to sing and share are continually growing; and we are excited to announce a brand new album, Really Livin'.